Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jang Mo Jib - okay food, nice restaurant


Jang Mo Jib

5075 Kingsway, Burnaby (Map)

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Food: 3
Service: 3
Price: Fair + ( a bit on the expensive side)

Nowadays, there are tons of Korean restaurants, but there are very few that opened more than one at a time. Jang Mo Jib is one of these original restaurants, that now has at least 3 locations (Downtown, Richmond, and Burnaby). I guess they must be doing something right, to be able to expand so fast.
I use to frequent their downtown location, but ever since they started to charge for refill of the side dishes, I haven't been back since. Anyways, R's relative was in town, and we just so happen to be in the area, so it's time to check out what's new. The side dishes hasn't changed much, it's still the standard kimchi, seaweed, diakon and potato.
Because our guest was vegetarian, thus the first dish we ordered was their dry noodle (~$8.95) which had no meat. This noodle require the addition of the hot sauce, because it was essentially tasteless without. The noodle was similar to spaghetti, but much more chewy. Although the vegetables were fresh, but it was just too bland for my taste.
I love jap chae (stir fried potato noodle), but usually this is fried with beef. So we asked if we can just have one without beef, they agreed. However when it was served, they brought us one with beef, but they quickly corrected this. The noodle is good as I remembered, the noodle was soft, and full of flavor. Even without the beef, it was still very good. Although I find the price of $18 on the high side, but it is quite a big portion.

Service here was not bad, but when they are busy, it hard to catch the server's attention. The food was generally good, but not too impressive either. The one thing that I do like is that the restaurant is spacious, yet cozy. So in the end, I would recommend this place if you have a large party, but if it's just dinner for two, there are better choices out there.


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