Thursday, December 2, 2010

Food Carts - finally tried a couple


Re-Up BBQ Foodcart

700 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Re-Up BBQ Foodcart on Urbanspoon

Food: 3.5
Price: Fair + (meaning slightly expensive)

I must be the only food blogger that hasn't tried any food cart that has been dominating the streets of Vancouver. Although I am well aware of all the ones that has sprung up in the past half a year, but I just never made an effort to actually visit one. Awhile back, Goodnews had a charity deal from Re-Up BBQ that listed their Pull Pork sandwich for only $1, so I just had to get it consider original price is $6.75.
The original Re-Up BBQ cart is located beside Vancouver Art Gallery, and apparently they are doing so well that they opened up a seconded one on the corner of Broadway and Granville, except this one is literally a cart only. Their menu is simple, you have a choice between the Pull Pork Sandwich or Ribs (6 for $12), and of course some simple drinks.
The Pull Pork Sandwich was assembled fresh right before our eyes. They really do pile on the meat, as you can see it's close to an inch thick. It is topped off with some coleslaw and BBQ sauce
I have to say, this was one good sandwich. The meat was juicy and the coleslaw was fresh. However I do think the meat lack a little in flavor, because all I got was the tangy BBQ sauce. On he other hand, it was good BBQ sauce, so I didn't mind it at all.

In general, I find the original price of $6.75 not very street friendly, but I do think it's delicious. So I think I may have it once in awhile, just not all the time.

Fresh Local Wild

795 Granville Street, Vancouver

Fresh Local Wild on Urbanspoon

Food: 3
Price: Expensive (consider it's street food)

You know sometime when you are looking for something, you can never find it, and when you are not looking for it, it's right there. Well, it was one of those days, because completely by chance we walked by another food cart called Fresh Local Wild.
This food cart serves local seafood, but look at that price, it is definitely not street friendly. In fact I would consider it quite expensive.
Since R and I was already really full from the Pull Pork sandwich (it was huge). So we decided to share a mushroom poutine ($5). The portion was good, so the price was fair for this item. The fries to me seems a bit too crispy, but R loved it. The gravy wasn't exactly gravy, it was more like cream of mushroom sauce. Although I liked the sauce, but I find it lacked that meaty richness usually found in poutine.

In a nut shell, I thought it was average, but R liked it. As you can see personal preference plays a big roll. Now, I know their main items are actually seafood which I didn't try, so I will just say I won't be back for the fries, but maybe I will be back to try their seafood if I feel like 'splurging' on street food. LOL
Just on a side note, I went back to Bella Gelateria on that day as well, and I must say I am impressed how fast they come up with new flavors. The left is a pomegranate sorbet, and the right is a cucumber/lime/cilantro sorbet. I was genuinely surprised that the cucumber one actually taste really good, it was refreshing without being very strong, consider it had cilantro (which I hate) in it. Anyways, they will have lots of new Christmas flavors coming soon which I can't wait to check out.


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