Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cafe D'Lite - the best Hainan Chicken


Cafe D'Lite

3144 W Broadway, Vancouver (Map)

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Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

This is actually one of my favorite restaurants, because they serve the 'best' Hainan chicken in my opinion. Back during the university years, I frequent this place often, but now that I living in Surrey, I rarely get a chance for a re-visit. So when R had a visitor over, I gladly joined them for a day trip down to UBC, and of course some quality Hainan chicken.

We usually just get the regular meal for one (~$10), but this time we had about 5 people, so we went with a whole chicken for $22.99. The chicken was just as good as I remembered, it was tender and juicy. The best part was the whole chicken is de-boned, so it's perfect for lazy people like me. XD
Their regular meal for one includes rice, but here we had to order it separate. Each bowl of chicken rice (made with chicken oil/stock) cost $1.75. I found the rice to be a bit dry this time, usually it's more moist and flavorful. Of course Hainan chicken always come with the green onion/ginger and chili sauce dip, and they do it so well. They now even offer the sauce in jars for purchase, unfortunately I wasn't heading home right away, so I didn't get some.
We also ordered a fish ball laksa ($8.99). To be honest, I am not a big fan of laksa, so I thought it was okay, but everyone else seems to enjoy it. I do have to say they are very consistent, because the flavor was exactly as I remembered it.
Although the Hainan chicken do come with some cucumber slices on the bottom, but it's far not enough veggie. We ordered a plate of gai lan with hoisin sauce and fried green onion for 8.95. Although not cheap, but it was certainly nice and crunch and the portion was certainly big.

Service was good, but nothing special. The restaurant is rather small, so I would suggest reservation if you have a group more than 6. Once again, Cafe D'Lite did not disappoint, their chicken is always so consistent, so I definitely recommend.


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