Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recipe - Truffle Risotto


Even since I started this new blog site, I haven't blogged about any recipes. The few that I have talked about can be found here. Anyways, it's finally time to start this new chapter. So today I will be sharing the first recipe with many more to come.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Ogourmet, a online food store that sells a wide variety of gourmet food, to do a review for one of their product.Because this fits in perfectly with my recipe plans, so I accepted. After much browsing, I have decided on the Black Summer Truffle Spread from Italy.
Ogroumet is a Canadian company that is based in Montreal Quebec. They currently carry over 1000 kinds of gourmet food products from all over the world. They also have a lowest price guarantee that states if you find any Canadian retailer with a lower price, they will refund you difference +10% in the form of a cheque. Anyways, the product arrived really fast (3 days after I ordered). The box was huge, and the item was nicely packaged, so there was no way it could be damaged. But on the other hand, I thought it was a waste to use such a big box for such a small product (see picture below).Tentazioni Summer Truffle Cream is made in Italy with 70% black summer truffle. This little jar contained 45g worth of product, and carries the price tag of $31.50. It also had a attached pamphlet that listed its ingredients and nutritional information in several languages.
I brought this cream to share with a chef and some friends. The room was totally divided. We had half of people who absolutely loved the rich taste and the fragrant smell, and we had the other half wondering 'what the heck is so good with this stuff, it smelled like soy sauce and didn't taste all that great either'. But we all agreed on one thing, it tasted so much better in a recipe. So without further ado.. here is Chef D.Pan's Truffle Risotto recipe.
For the plating, the chef chose to do it 2 different ways: For the 1st plating, the chef layered the mushroom on the bottom and just placed the risotto on top. This way the flavor of the truffle cream wouldn't be comprised by the mushroom.In the 2nd plating, he mixed the mushroom in with the risotto and just served as is.

To be honest, I thought both ways were equally delicious, and I could barely tell the difference. The truffle cream really did enhance the flavor of the risotto, as it smelled heavenly and tasted really great. If you like risotto, definitely give this recipe a try, the end result is totally worth it.

Disclaimer: the product in this post was sent to me compliments of Ogourmet


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