Monday, November 8, 2010

Chubby Lamb - decent food, but not service


Chubby Lamb Hot Pot

8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond (Map)

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Food: 3
Service: 1.5

Price: Fair
The rain season has fully arrived in Vancouver, so that means BBQ is out and hot pot is in. Given the recent drop in temperature, I don't think anyone would object to some hot pot. So when M suggested hot pot for her birthday dinner, everyone was more than happy with the decision.

There are many places to choose from in Richmond, but M decided on Chubby Lamb because it came highly recommended. He also recommend the above soup base: cilantro with century egg($5) and satay ($5). I have to say I was very skeptical of the cilantro and century egg combination, but it turn out okay. The soup really did not have a heavy cilantro taste (as long as you didn't get the actual cilantro pieces). Although the century egg was present, but you really couldn't deduct much of it in the soup either. So in the end, I would consider this a very light soup base, where as the satay one was rather heavy tasting in comparison.

Chubby lamb is your typical AYCE hot pot restaurant that charges you ~$21/person. We started with plates after plates of lamb, pork, and beef. They were all thinly sliced and semi-frozen. The meat was good, and fresh. My favorite of the bunch was the pork neck slices.
I took this picture, but I don't recall actually eating any of these fish/meat balls. From the looks of it, they all seems to be freshly made, as they are not frozen like the meat slices.
The vegetables were mostly fresh. The tofu was good, as it was the soft kind. Overall, the food quality was not bad.
Lastly, we had some fish paste and udon. To be honest, we ordered so much food, I don't think anyone even ate any of the fish paste, at least I didn't. The udon and the instant noodle was good, in fact I think the instant noodle was better, as it really soaked up the richness of the soup very well.

A interesting fact for this restaurant is that they recently change their Chinese name to Puffer Fish Hotpot. Apparently they were being sued by a company named Little Sheep, which translate to Chubby Lamb in Chinese. This is also the company that makes the Chubby Lamb soup base sold in T&T. So in the end, Chubby lamb hot pot got to keep their English name, but they were forced to change the Chinese name.

Anyways I digress, the food here was actually good. However there is a 'bad', and it's their service. The whole time they try to rush us like no other. The minute we sat down, they asked us to order, despite the fact that only 3 people present (we had a table for 8). Also, it seem the only spoke Cantonese, it's a good thing we had 2 people that could speak the language. Also, there was a 2 hour limit, so they pretty much hand you the bill at that time, and just expect you to leave. Although the food was good, but I don't know if I want to come back. They are just way to many choices in Richmond, and hopefully one of them will have better service than this.


Ben and Suanne November 8, 2010 at 4:38 PM

I agree, Jenny. While Chubby Lamb is by far the most popular hot pot in Richmond, they are really bossy and they can afford to. The last time we were there they told us to take it or leave it by giving us only 1 hour. If we did not want it, they will give it to someone. He he he ... we say OK but when we are settled down, they can't evict us forcibly. LOL!

Hey about the chubby lamb name. I think that name is owned by Mongolian Hot Pot. The English name is Mongolian Hot Pot but I think the Chinese name is chubby lamb ... See this site

The Chinese name is the same right?

Anonymous November 9, 2010 at 1:08 AM

chubby lamb is no good... you need to try cattle hot pot right next to kam do and nan chuu
try there tom yum base! i notice the stocks at cattle to be much better than chubby lamb...
as for service though... its the same at most cantonese restuarants

Jenny November 9, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Even though they couldn't evict us forcibly, but it was pretty close to that... they pretty much said "okay, here is your bill, please pay and leave, as we have other customers waiting." But I guess I should be use to service like this by now ;). Yeah, exact same Chinese name for the hot pot, so I was a bit confused when searching for it in Chinese.

Anon: thanks for the suggestion, I should just not rate service for these type restaurants, unless it's exceptionally bad or good XD

Anonymous November 10, 2010 at 5:55 AM

yea..... they are pretty blunt but im sure they warned u in the beginning about the 2 hour limit... it could have been more nicely though haha

wow its the exact same name? its totally different don't worry.

for me... at cantonese restaurants i expect it so i guess thats why i don't really get bothered by it and probably the fact that im used to going to them

Sherman Chan November 17, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Bad service in a Chinese restaurant? Go figure... LOL... Yah, I heard about the name too. Puffer Fish? LOL. I'll still try it though. Wait for me to whine about the service... hehe...

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