Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beijing Cuisine - good service for once


Beijing Cuisine

1118-3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond (Map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Choices are good, but sometime when are you presented with too many, it could be a problem. This is the case with Richmond's Chinese restaurants, there are just way too many to choose from. Since my mom and I were picking up my dad from the airport, I had to choose a restaurant. Initially I was planning to take them to Posh, but there was a wait time, so we headed to the restaurant next door instead.
Although Beijing Cuisine is a new restaurant, but the interior hasn't really changed from when it was Chopsticks. The restaurant looks more upscale than some, but the prices are around the same. The first dish we ordered was the stir fried green bean (~$8.95). The green beans were crunchy, yet it still retained much of the spicy garlic sauce, thus quite flavorful.
Next up is their green onion lamb stir fry for $11.95. The portion here is just right, but I guess would be considered smaller than other similar restaurants. The lamb slices are huge and rather tender, but unfortunately it lacked flavor.
When I saw the braised pork hock for only $11.95 (most places charges around $15), I just couldn't resist. The service here was pretty good, as they kindly offer to help us dissect the pork hock, which also means I forgot to take a picture in it's original state. Although it looks really good, but I think it's not braised long enough, because it wasn't fall of the bone soft yet.
We also ordered 6 Xiao Long Bao for $4.95. They were pretty good, as there were lots of soup inside. Although it taste good, but I found the skin to be thicker than other place, such as Shanghai Village.

As I already mentioned, service here was surprisingly quite good. They were friendly and attentive, and did not rush us at all in any manner. The food was good, but the portions seems smaller than other places. Overall, I would say this is a pretty good Chinese restaurant, that serves up the regular fare with better ambiance and service.


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