Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pho 99 - their newest location


Pho 99

19533 Fraser Highway, Langley (Map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Price: Fair

Pho 99 has always been my trusted back up pho place for 2 reasons, they are conveniently located (at least for me) and they are good. Although they are good, but definitely not the best (my favorite is Pho Tam). The two that I frequently visit are the one by Lougheed skytrain station, and the one by Coquitlam center. I prefer the one at Coquitlam center, as they are more consistent with their food.
Anyways, I was out and about in Langley, so R and I decided to check out another Pho 99 location. This one is located in the same strip mall as huge H-Mart. From the outside, you can't really tell it's any different from the other ones, but the minute you step inside, it's a whole another story. Not to sound judgmental, but really base on experience Pho restaurants are not the cleanest of the fanciest places. However this one definitely felt like a whole new experience, as it was super clean, spacious, bright and had nice decor. If it wasn't for the condiments on the table, this could easily pass up as a nice up scale restaurant. Because I usually eat my pho with both the Hoisin and Hot sauce, I would use a extra spoon to put my sauce in. Here, they automatically provided us with small sauce dish just for that purpose (very thoughtful).
Being that I am a regular, I immediately ordered no. 9 (brisket, slice and tendon). As usual, there were lots of meat, the soup was good and had a rich meaty taste, but it was a bit salty. I got the small for $6.15. To be honest, I find that the Chicken pho are usually rather bland comparing to the beef pho, but this one was an exception. I actually like this more than my pho, because was almost non-oily (comparing with mine), but yet still had that rich chicken flavor. The soup was not overly salty and it had a hint of sweetness as well.

Overall, I have to say this would be my favorite Pho 99 base on the 3 location that I have visited. Service here was more attentive that at other location, but maybe it is because it wasn't that busy when I visited. The food here is at par with other location, but the decor definitely wins by far. I know this is probably out of the way for many people, but if you are in the area, I would recommend checking this place out.


Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 2:47 PM

New location in Fleetwood off 152 and Fraser hwy in the same strip mall as shoppers. Just opened this week. Went in and saw all the big congratulations flowers everywhere. More were being delivered as we ate! Now you don't have to go all the way to Langley!

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