Friday, October 22, 2010

Parker Good Foods - just your regular wings


Parker Good Foods

1105 - 4380 #3 Rd (Parker Place Food Court)
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Food: 2
Price: Fair

Who doesn't love chicken wings, if it's done right that is. Although I had my fair share of wings, but my favorite flavor by far is Wind Sand (風沙). Also the best place for these wings would be Wo Fung Dessert, at least I haven't found a place that triumph this yet. After reading a recent post on Chowtimes on another place that served Wind Sand chicken wing, I just had to check it out ASAP.
Parker Good Foods is located in the food court of Parker Place. Because I completely forgot the name of the food stall, so I just told R to look for a place that lists the Wind Sand chicken wings. Good thing we can read Chinese, because they had a really big sign that list this item on the outer perimeter of the stall.
The price here is slightly higher than Wo Fung, you get 4 pc for $5.95. You would think a place that so blatantly advertised their Wind Sand chicken wings to be really good, but unfortunately this was not the case. First, R had to ask for the wings after a 15 minutes wait, apparently they sort of forget that they were frying it :(. So it was quite obvious these wings were over done, as the outer skin was too crunchy. Now, I am not sure if the Wind Sand chicken wings are suppose to be very gingery, but I am really accustom to the taste. These wings had no detectable ginger taste, it felt like just your normal salt and pepper flavor. Despite the bad, the wings were okay if you take out the Wind Sand factor. They were just not what I expected.

After tasting 3 places that served this type of chicken wings, my favorite is still Wo Fung Dessert, although the ones at Cattle Cafe are not bad either. The wings here are just your normal deep fried chicken wings. So in the end, if you are specifically looking for Wind Sand wings, I would suggest trying it somewhere else, but if you are just looking for some wings, you can check this place out.


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