Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dasom - very unique restaurant


Dasom Restaurant

1A-10320 152 Street, Surrey (map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

To a food blogger, spotting a new restaurant is as exciting as winning the lottery (okay, maybe it's an exaggeration, but you get the point). So when I first spotted Dasom restaurant, I made a mental note to check it out soon. It is located in the same square as Hong Ma No, and that means it's pretty close to where I live, so another reason to check it out ASAP.
The restaurant is certainly interesting, because from the outside it looks like your typical Korean family owned restaurant, but once you step inside, it was like a day at the beach. They had one wall painted with summer/beach design in vibrant yellow. They even had one table made into a beach hut style. I have to say, this is one bright restaurant.
As usual, the side dishes with the potato being my favorite. All the other side dishes are typical except for the agar jello one. I have only seen this at a handful of restaurants.
D went with the Kam Ja Tang (aka pork bone soup) for $10.95. The portion was huge with 3 big pieces of pork bones. The soup was also loaded with potato, onion and some kind of leafy vegetables. The pork was very tender and falling of the bones. The soup was some what unique, as it had a hint of mint taste to it, but it wasn't bad at all. R went with the Kimchi soup for $8.95. The soup had a combination of kimchi, firm tofu, pork and potato noodles. This soup was a bit sour for my liking, because it was seriously loaded with kimchi, but R liked it.

Oops, I missed a picture for my seafood tofu soup ($9.95). As always, they used soft tofu for this, and the seafood consisted of squid, 1 pc of prawn, and 1 piece of mussel. Although the soup was not as viscous as other ones I have tries, but the taste was still really good, spicy yet flavorful (pork broth?). We ordered the above dish only because we saw other table enjoying this. When this dish was first brought to their table, that family had a look of surprise, I am guessing they never expected to look like this. We asked the waitress what it was, and she said it was Tang Soo Yuk (sweet sour pork). Aside from the super nice presentation (never seen it like this before), the taste was actually quite good as well. The pork was tender with a light glutinous coating. I would say this is better than the one at Hong Ma No, but not as good as Ma Sarang. The burnt rice bowl was very hard, so if you want to eat it, make sure it's 'soften' by the the sauce first. Also don't be deceived by the picture, the bowl was actually quite deep, so the portion was big. I think this was around $10.95, for this price, I highly recommend it.

I find this restaurant very interesting, although the food is typical, but the decor was certainly not. Also we noticed they actually plate a lot of their non-traditional dishes (such as salad, takoyaki etc), that is certainly a first. Overall, I liked the food and service here at Dasom restaurant and would recommend.


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