Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ajisen - not authentic, but not bad either


Ajisen Ramen

4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond (Map)

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Food: 3
Service: 3

Price: Fair

There is certainly no shortage of Ramen chains in Vancouver, but in comparison, Richmond only have a handful of places. Personally, I have only tried one (G-Men), which I didn't like at all. After that experience, I thought I would never try another one out of Vancouver, but this time I made an exception.

Ajisen is a chain restaurant that have branches all over the world, with the majority of them in Japan and China. The first time I tried this place was in Shanghai with M. From memory, it was hearty, filling and delicious, so I suggested to R to try it here, so I can see if it's any different.
Ajisen is located in outer perimeter of the Parker Place and it is the only one in BC. The restaurant was certainly colorful with their vibrant pink chairs and the colorful walls, and like all Ajisen ramen, they had a statue of the little girl which is part of their logo. To be honest, this little girl looks more Chinese than Japanese (maybe because it's mostly Chinese operated).
Typically ramen shop have less than 10 choice, but here you are presented with well over 20 different kinds. R went with their curry lamb ramen ($7.99). Although the lamb was rather tender, but it lacked in flavor. The soup was rich, but the curry taste is not as strong as R would have liked.
I went for their tenderous rib ramen ($7.99) in slow simmer pork bone broth. I loved the tendon, it was well flavored and almost melt in your mouth soft. I especially liked my soup, as it seem to have a seafood broth richness to it.
The noodles at Ajisen is very different from your typical ramen joint. It was smoother, and almost have a spaghetti quality to it. It's not as chewy either. This was similar to the ones I had in Shanghai as well, so it seems their noodle is just different in general.

Well, if you are looking for authentic ramen, I don't think this will cut it, but if you are looking for a good bowl of noodles, this was certainly not bad as I really liked mine. Service here wasn't bad either, they were generally very friendly. Overall, I would recommend this place, except to the hardcore authentic ramen lovers.


Ben and Suanne October 19, 2010 at 5:04 PM

That's how I would describe it too, Jenny. Ajisen is not like Santouka or Benkei ... but we totally enjoy their ramen a lot. I like the service and errr ... also that they play Christian music! LOL! Ben

Jenny October 22, 2010 at 9:04 AM

haha really? When I went they were playing some pop music... I guess they change it up often hehe.

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