Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tri-Pot - perfect for a snack or late night eat


Tri-Pot (鼎王滷味)

100-7911 Alderbridge Way, Richmond (Map)

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Food: 4
Price: Fair, but could add up if you order lots of stuff

After a night out at the Summer Night Market, I was really feeling thirsty (must be all that msg hehe). R suggested bubble tea, but the question was where. We thought of many places (there are about a million of them in Richmond), but finally decided on Zephyr i
n the Sky, because they also have a new 'restaurant' that Chowtimes blogged about that I been wanting to check out.

I have to say the restaurant owners of both Delicious Cuisine and Zephyr in the Sky are very ambitious, because they just opened a new 'restaurant' called Tri-Pot. This place is actually a ordering station which is located directly in Zephyr in the Sky. Because Delicious Cuisine and Zephyr in the Sky are conjoined, I would imagine you can order anything from Tri-Pot to dine in either restaurant.
The concept is simple, they will stew (TW style) anything you want from their menu. The prices range from $2 to $3 per item. The selection was huge, and the have everything from simple food to items that people (not of Chinese decent) probably don't feel comfortable eating (ex. pig blood, intestine, hearts etc.). This is essentially a very popular Taiwanese street food, but now it has been turned into 'restaurant' style. I guess this would be better, because it feels cleaner and there is actually places for your to sit and enjoy.

All I wanted was the daikon and the green bean noodle, R added the tofu puffs, pig blood and pig skin. The stewed items are eaten as is with no soup, and they are all topped off with pickled veggie and cilantro. The flavor is soy sauce based with a hint of sweetness. I loved the pig skin, it was almost melt in your mouth tender. Because the tofu puff are so absorbent, I found it to be a bit too salty. The daikon was soft and good. The pig blood is made from real pig blood and sticky rice, thus it gives off that chewy texture. Because it's rather compact, thus it did not absorb the stew very well which resulted in it being a bit bland. Oh I forgot to mention, we asked for it to be spicy, but it was rather mild, so I believe many people can accept this level of spiciness.
After they brought over the 1st dish, they immediately came over again to apologize, because they forgot my green bean noodles. After a new minutes, this came, along side with some complimentary cabbage. I loved the noodles, as it absorbed all the flavors without being salty. The cabbage was also very good, it was still crunchy but at the same time flavorful.
Since our original plan was just to get bubble tea, so we decided to dine in at Zephyr in the Sky. I ordered fresh taro drink ($4.50), which was really refreshing and not overly sweet. I half expected it to taste like the usual version (typical powder type), but it's totally different and I love it. R went with the tangerine green tea ($3.75) and D went with the grass jelly black tea ($4.25). Both were good, but nothing too special. The prices here are at par with other place, but the size of the drinks seems smaller though.

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the food at Tri-pot. Because you are only eating the flavor of the stew, but really much of the oil and such, thus making it a rather good snack (but granted you only order the healthier items). In the end, I would come back, as there were still tons of items on their menu for me to try.


Unknown September 28, 2010 at 9:53 PM

thanks for your review ... really apperciate !! i am the owner who talked to u at that night !! remember me ?? lol ..welcome you come back to visit..!! thanks again .. have a nice day !!

Jenny September 30, 2010 at 12:36 PM

You are welcome. I remember, you were very enthusiastic. I will definitely revisit :)

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