Monday, September 13, 2010

Miura - great little place for a snack


Miura Waffle Milk Bar

829 Davie Street, Vancouver (Map)

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Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Price: Fair

Women and desserts are synonymous, as least in my dictionary (hehe). I love desserts, so after our meal at Guu Garden, I suggested Miura Waffle Bar which was only a few blocks away. Although the guys weren't particular into dessert, but it was my birthday, so they went along with it.

Miura was a rather small and cozy shop which you order up front. Because I didn't know the size before hand, so I felt a bit apologetic because our group (12 ppl) took about 80% of chairs/tables in the restaurant. The restaurant is owned by a Japanese/Korean couple with the last name of Miura, hence the name.
The couple was very friendly and offered us samples of their fresh flavored milk and yakult (yogurt milk). I tried the Blueberry yogurt milk, and it tasted a lot like Yop, but with more fruity bits. In the end I ordered a Strawberry Milk ($2.99), they were actually out of it, but was nice enough to make me a fresh one. The drink was essentially milk mixed with fresh strawberries with no added sugar or color. Although it was very good, but it was also very filling. R went for the morochino ($3.50), which I believe is like a mocha.
A and J decided to share today's special: Tiramisu Waffle ($4). Personally I found all their waffles to be on the softer side. I would prefer a crunchier exterior. The tiramisu was good, but a bit too sweet due to the addition of the chocolate syrup. The cream was smooth and thick with a hint of cream cheese flavor, which I liked. Like I said, guys are not as into sweet as much as girls, so R went with the savory ham, egg and cheese waffle ($4.99). In order to prevent the sweet and savory flavors from mixing, they used a different grill for this (seen by the pattern). I love how they kept the egg a bit runny and the flavor was good as well. However, R think that if they could incorporate the ham and egg into the batter, it would taste even better.
Of course, I went for the sweet type: Fruit and Cream ($4). I loved the fresh fruit and cream filling, the sweet cream was balanced out nicely by the tart fruit. One piece of advice for this one would be eat it fast, because the filling is cold, but the waffle is hot.

I like Miura Waffle Milk Bar, their food was good (personally I prefer crunchier waffles), and service was excellent. Because of our big group, I was totally expecting long wait time, but what I didn't expect was for them for give us a free Blueberry yogurt drink for this reason. Also for the prices around only $5 or less, I think it's rather good deal.


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