Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bonchaz - Yummy buns


Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

426 W Hastings St, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Price: Fair

I been meaning to visit to Bonchaz for awhile now, but unfortunately it's closed every time I am there (they close on Sundays). So finally R and I managed to go downtown on a Saturday, and we headed straight for Bonchaz Cafe.
I first encounter Bonchaz during the Eat! Vancouver event where they were handing out samples for everyone to try. After tasting a piece of their Apple Cinnamon bun, I was impressed, as it was soft and airy without being overly sweet. They are constantly baking new batches, so the buns stays fresh and warm. Being that it was a hot day, I went with a ice latte ($3.30). R on the other hand had a French Press Coffee($1.95). My latte was not too sweet, it was nice and refreshing. The French coffee had a lots of grind on the bottom, so be careful when drinking this. I had my heart set on trying the banana walnut, so I immediately ordered that one while R went for the matcha. I loved the banana walnut bun, as it was very soft with a slight crunchy top. The filling was filled with mashed fresh banana and lots of walnut bits. R's matcha bun was good as well, the filling was similar to a meringue with a slight matcha taste. However, this bun was not as fluffy as the banana walnut, because filling was more moist. Also the matcha bun had coconut shavings which I didn't like. Both buns were $1.75 each. When R noticed that they serve quiche, he immediately wanted to try (being the egg lover he is). This is a ham and onion quiche for $2.75. The pie crust was too moist and not flaky enough, and the overall taste was too salty for me. Also R thought there wasn't enough egg in this.

Overall, I really liked these new innovative 'Pineapple Buns'. They are fresh and tasty and comes in a variety of flavors. To me, they are like Beard Papa of cream puffy, you will always want one if you walk by it. Unfortunately that's also the only downside, because they are not conveniently located in the downtown core area, but it's worth the walk/drive.


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