Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pomegranate - great place outside of Seattle


Pomegranate Bistro

18005 NE 68th St, Redmond

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Price: Fair

Since our friends worked at Microsoft (who doesn't, it seems everyone from Vancouver who works in the States, work there), thus we did not stay in central Seattle, but in Redmond. Therefore B suggested this restaurant for us to try, as he thought they were pretty good and only 5 minute away from where we were staying.
If you take one look at the outside of Pomegranate, you probably will pass it by, as it looked like an office building of some sort. But once you step inside, the simple yet elegant design will change your mind about the place, at least that's how I felt. Although the restaurant looked like a warehouse, but the addition of bright color table cloth and the chic hanging candelabra with the huge window that showcasing the kitchen all made it very intimate and yet comfortable.
For our appetizer we ordered the Mac and cheese gratin with tuna ($9). The actual Mac and cheese was only $6, but adding tuna to it was an extra $3. Because they used fresh tuna instead of canned ones, I thought the price was fair. Although I liked the Mac and cheese part, as it was very creamy and rich, but I thought the tuna did not particularly blend well with the sharp cheddar. R ordered the Arugula, Proscuitto & Pecorino with truffle oil & French sea salt ($11). The taste of truffle oil was very distinct, and it was well balanced with the pecorino cheese they used. The arugula was slightly bitter, but work well with the proscuitto. The best part was the bread, as it was very soft and airy on the inside, but had a slightly crunch on the outside. I just love French dip sandwiches, so I jumped on the chance to order their Lamb sirloin french dip with fresh chips ($12 or $13). Although the lamb was very juicy and tender, but it was also very gamy. I usually don't mind a bit gaminess, but this was quite strong. The Jus was very rich, but also extremely oily. The bread was very well toasted, but the chips were just average, in fact they all start to taste the same despite the fact it was actually made from several types of veggies.

Overall, I liked the food here, and the service was good as well. They do seems to have some innovative items on their menu worth coming back for. However what I had was from the Winter menu, and now it seems they have updated with a Summer menu, which doesn't really seems all that different. In a nut shell, I will go back if I visit my friends in Redmond again.


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