Friday, July 9, 2010

Cake-Ya - Worth the drive just for the caramel pudding



2415 Clarke Street, Port Moody

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Food: 4.5
Price: Fair

This place has been on my wishlist ever since Foodosophy first blogged about it. The place is all the way out in Port Moody, and they close at 6pm. Every time I wanted some dessert after dinner, they are closed. So finally I set a day and went at around 4pm to have dessert before dinner (bad me hehe).

Cake-ya is essentially just a bakery, because they do not have any table/chair for you to dine in. 'Ya' in Japanese means house, so basically the store is called 'Cake House'. The place is managed by 3 Japanese women who loves to bake and they are definitely good at what they do :).
They had an array of flavors for their caramel pudding, unfortunately we went late in the day, so some were already sold out, such as the matcha. So from what were left, I chose black sesame, cheese and original, each for $2.50. I absolutely loved the original, it was very creamy, soft and not overly sweet. The cheese flavor was also very good, it was like cheesecake custard in a cup. As for the black sesame, it paled in comparison to the other 2. I didn't think the caramel flavor worked in harmony with the sesame, and also the custard was slight 'harder' (more jello like), than the other 2.
I wanted to try their strawberry roll, but that was also sold out. However they were very nice, and told me they can make it fresh, but they only had matcha sponge cake left. You see the original strawberry roll is made with plain sponge cake, where as red bean paste roll is made with the matcha sponge cake. I loved my special matcha strawberry roll (~$5), as the cake was very moist with a hint of matcha flavor. The filling was all freshly made before my eyes with pure cream and fresh strawberries. The tartness of the strawberries worked very well with the sweet fluffy whip cream.
They have a very simple open kitchen right behind the display counter, so you can watch as they cook/bake. Also from what I can see, they used good quality ingredients, and it is definitely notable in the final product as well.

Cake-ya was definitely a hidden gem in Port Moody. Despite the distance, I think it's totally worth the drive to venture out there and try this place. Now I can't wait to go back and try their matcha and milk tea caramel pudding, and this time I will take advantage of their 6 for $13 special too, as they are just that good.


Tia July 9, 2010 at 10:42 PM

ive never been here or even heard about it... weird since im' a tri city girl. cute name!

mr.ian July 12, 2010 at 10:50 AM

mmm. i want pudding now.
but port moody. ick. i cant... too far

Amy July 12, 2010 at 5:02 PM

i actually went there twice after last time you told me about this place^^. I tried all flavors of the caramel pudding, except coffee, and I liked the original the best.
I also had their cheese cake and matcha red bean cakes. I really like Japanese cheese cake. It was super light and fluffy, yet flavorful. Thx for the recommendation!

Jenny July 13, 2010 at 1:24 PM

Tia: since you are in the tri-city, you should definitely check it out.

Ian: I thought Port Moody was too as well, but the pudding is worth the drive (that is if you like caramel pudding)

Amy: Me too, but I want to try milk tea. Now I gotta add the cheesecake to that list of things to try :)

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