Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bella Gelateria - Premium Handcrafted Gelato


Bella Gelateria

1001 W Cordova St, Vancouver

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Food: 5
Price: Fair for the quality

I first heard about Bella Gelateria from Sherman, and was immediately intrigue by the idea of premium gelato. I mean through out the years, I had my fair share of gelato, and never once questioned its authenticity or quality. Now that I hear there is a place that claim to be authentic and premium, I just had to check it out ASAP.

Given that it's finally summer weather, I thought it presents the perfect opportunity to try the newly opened gelato shop.Bella Gelateria is located in Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel across from the Vancouver convention center. It very much looked like all the other gelato shops if it wasn't for the huge gelato making machines/kitchen on the side. Also another key difference is that the gelato here are not store in metal bins where you can see them, it is store in metal canisters with lid to minimize exposure to air.

They makes all there gelato on premises with fresh ingredients, thus they do not have as many flavors as the traditional stores. The above is all the flavors they currently carry. The black screen shows all the sorbet and the yellow screen shows the gelato.

As this is premium gelato, so there is no surprise that the prices are higher as well. You can get one flavor for $4.95, and up to 3 flavors for $6.95. Because R and I were full, so we decided to share but maximize our choices by getting the 3 flavors. After trying several different types, we decided on Grapefruit, Mango and Chocolate Sorbet, and here is my thought on them:

Grapefruit: Pure fruit taste, it even had that slight bitter taste to it. No added sugar, and melt very fast.
Mango: Pure fruit taste. More creamy compare to Grapefruit, due to the higher fat content of the fruit.
Chocolate Sorbet: Very creamy dark chocolate taste with zero ice crystal. It's like eating cold chocolate ganache. From what I hear, it's VERY hard to make good chocolate sorbet, and this one was definitely good.

Since the owner, James, was on site making a new batch of Espresso flavor, we got to chat with him. He went to Italy to master the art of making gelato, and has a master in Chocolate. We asked him why he chose Vancouver to open his shop, and it turn out this is his home town. There also seems be a few new fruits on the shelves, which suggested that new flavor will be coming soon. :)

There is no question that Bella Gelateria has the best Gelato I've tried so far, but the price is a bit higher. Also the location is relatively further away from the downtown core. However I guess with all gelato being hand crafted on site, they would probably benefit from the smaller crowd without comprising the quality.


Sherman Chan July 16, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Thanks for the shout out Jenny! I agree, hands down the best Gelato and Sorbetto I've had in town.

Jenny July 20, 2010 at 10:26 AM

Agreed, just a little out of the way.

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