Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rosen's - a local BBT type place



#105-15976 108 Avenue, Surrey

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Food: 3
Service: 3

Price: Fair (but on the cheap side)

Rosen's is really a local restaurant, the kind where you won't know about until someone told you. The reason is because it's located in the middle of a residential area. The restaurant is a Taiwanese bubble tea place. There is really not much in terms of ambiance, because this is the type of place where you go, if you are looking for a nice home cook meal.
We started with their salt/pepper chicken nuggets, which was actually good. It was rather authentic with the addition of the deep fried basil leaf. The nuggets were crispy and juicy. Also they used dark meat instead of white meat which I prefer, but it did have the occasional skin mixed in. However this dish is main dish on the menu, but you can order it as a side for around $5-6 if you ask.
I went for the half and half (tendon and brisket) beef noodle soup ($7.50). The soup was slightly salty, but nice and rich. The noodles were chewy and hand cut, which I find really good. There were lots of brisket and tendon in the soup. The brisket was undercooked, because it was too chewy and tough, but the tendon were prefectly soft.
R ordered the Pork Hock Noodle Soup ($6.50). Although the pork hock was tender and flavor, the soup was not. It was rather bland and thin. I liked the noodles, it was smooth and soft.
We went on another day and I had the braised pork belly combo for $6.50. Now, Bubble World in Surrey also have this dish for $6.95 (see here), and it wins hand down. This doesn't even come close. The pork was still rather tough and the flavor wasn't as good either. The side dishes are very simple, the broccoli was just simply blanched with no flavor. I would definitely rather spend that extra $0.45 and drive further if I want this dish.
This time R went with the Spicy Hot Pot with Pork blood and Intestine combo($7.50). According to R, this was just good , but nothing stood out. Also, the base was suppose to be spicy, but really it wasn't.

Overall I would recommend this place to locals who haven't tried it yet, as they do have some good dishes, but also some mediocre ones. In conclusion, if you are not from the area, then I don't think it's worth the drive, as they are far better choices in Metro Vancouver (such as Corner 23).


Frank Lin January 24, 2012 at 7:32 PM

Unfortunately this place has been closed and replaced with a Thai restaurant. It's disappointing as Taiwanese restaurants in this community don't seem to be so popular, nearly a decade ago there was a "Cup and Plate" but that place was replaced with a Vietnamese Pho restaurant.

Rosen has worked at T&T for many years and probably thought that was a more important job for him. Before this place he opened a restaurant in Coquitlam beside that T&T and even before he had one in T&T Surrey's food court.

You should have tried the potstickers, they were really good. The beef noodle was great though it's very different from the recipe Rosen had for his previous places (which had a lighter soup and less soy sauce).

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