Thursday, June 3, 2010

Japadog - The Store is finally open


Japadog (Robson Store)

530 Robson St, Vancouver

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Food: 3.5
Price: Fair, but expensive if you add the combo

Japadog has become very well known thanks to the Olympics and the media. I think the idea to start an actual store instead of just a hotdog stand emerged when there was rumor that streets vendors weren't allowed during the Olympics. Originally Japadog (the store) was planning to open before the Olympics, but I guess that didn't pan out, and now it has finally opened its door on May 28th. From what I heard, the line up was about a block long on that day.
When I went last Sunday at around 3:30, the place was relatively slow with only a few people in line. From the menu, you can see they revamped it with more options and now includes dessert dogs. I was mildly curious with the 'Age Ice', because if that hot dog is only bun + whip cream, then at a price of $2.99 is really a ripoff.
The store is pretty small, maybe it can accomodate about 10 people dining in, so really it's still very much a take out place. They had these nice metal art pieces on the back wall, they are really quite pretty.
Since R and I already had lunch, we thought we share one combo. I have only tried their Okonomi before, and since R doesn't eat beef, we decided to go with the Oroshi combo ($8.02 with tax). The bratwurst was good, because it was juicy and flavorful. The meat was also coarsely grounded which provided a better texture. The grated raddish on top created a nice medium to soak up the soy sauce, instead of letting it soak into the bun.
They now serve shake fries, it essentially fries shaked with a flavor of your choice. For the flavors, they have a choice between aonori, teriyaki, japa shio, and butter & shoyu. Since R like seaweed, we went with the aonori. The fries weren't bad, it was crispy with a seaweed taste, but I thought it was too salty.

Although, I think Japadog do taste good, but the price tag is just too high. If you look at the menu, their combos with tax start at about $8 and can go up to $10. I mean for a $10 meal, I think they are better options out there. Therefore, I think I will just keep Japadog on my snack list, as I think the hotdogs are worth it, just not the combos.


Tia June 5, 2010 at 7:42 PM

even the h.d. alone for me is kind of pricy... i can't get over the idea that a hotdog is a hotdog. lol. maybe it's just me...

Jenny June 8, 2010 at 8:30 PM

I agree, it's just a hotdog, but I guess putting on new condiments is where is excitement lies. Personally, I am not all that excited by it anymore.

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