Monday, June 14, 2010

Guilford Sushi House - cheap and decent


Guilford Sushi House

10330 152nd Street, Surrey

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Food: 3
Service: 3

Price: Cheap

A couple weeks ago, there was a black out in my area, thus it forced me to dine out. I was originally heading to Hong Ma No for some noodles, but it seems that everyone had the same idea. So instead I opted to try something else. R and I noticed a sushi shop in the same square, so we decided to check it out.
The first thing we ordered was their assorted tempura ($7.20) consisted of 3 pieces of prawn and 3 pieces of sweet potato. The batter was a little too thick, and not airy enough, but both the prawn and sweet potato were really fresh. We also got an order of the gyoza for $3.55. There were pretty standard. Usually gyoza would be accompanied by a ponzu (vingar + soy) sauce, but here they give you some spicy soy sauce. This actually worked out well, but then again I personally prefer spicy dips over sour dips.
As for the rolls, we chose Spicy Chopped Scallop($3.50), SSSR ($3.50) and the Tama Unagi Roll ($4.95). The spicy chopped scallop roll was was pretty much a regular scallop roll with a few drops of Vietnamese chili sauce on top. The scallop used was actually quite fresh. The SSSR (smoked salmon and shrimp) roll was decent. The Tama Unagi Roll was good, there was a detectable sweetness from the egg and the teriyaki unagi. All the stuffing in these rolls range from decent to good, but I can't say the same for the rice. It was very soft and mushy, and it does not stick together very well.

As I mentioned, they used Vietnamese chili sauce on the scallop roll, this was not surprising, because the restaurant is run by Vietnamese people (you can tell from their conversations). With that being said, the food was actually quite decent (maybe not exactly authentic). The price is a steal, so I think I will come back for more and would recommend.


Anonymous June 14, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Guilford Sushi, Banzai Sushi, and both Samurais are essentially all related. I first noticed that they all had similar menus and when asked, the lady owner at Banzai confirmed this.

Though not as inexpensive, Akasaka across the street has excellent lunch boxes , Sushi Train on 102A (across from ICBC)or Tokachi in Whalley (Sherman did a review on it) is also another option for better quality. Tawara on Hwy. 10 (a little further) is also quite good.

Happy eating,

Jenny June 17, 2010 at 1:30 PM

Thank you for the suggestions, I been meaning to try Akasaka. Since now it comes with a recommendation, I definitely will check it out.

Also thanks for the other suggestion, I will keep those in mind if I venture further into Surrey.

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