Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eat ! Vancouver - an annual event for those who love to eat


Eat! Vancouver is a 3 days annual event that promote different food manufacturers and local restaurants. I been meaning to attend this event for 2 years now, but there always seems to be a time conflict. So this year I made sure to mark my calendar, and finally made my way there on the last day. This event featured lots of local and foreign food manufacturer. Almost all of them had some samples out on the table where you can get a taste. I was pretty full from just sampling, as I had some good chipotle sausage from Freybe, and some good vegetarian meat from Gardenia. On the other hand, there are something that were just not my thing, such as the Immunity shot from Happy Planet. It must be a acquired taste :P
There are quite a few restaurant booth at the show as well, to name a few: Milestone, Maurya, New India, Goldilock, Wok Box and Gramacy Grill. They are all featuring a few dishes for people to try, these dishes ranges from $1 to $2.50. Both the Panini (from Fishworks) and the Curry combo plate (from Maurya) were pretty good, and both were only $2.50. I especially enjoyed the Maurya butter and tandoori chicken. The chicken was flavorful, yet tender.
There was also a competition going on during the show. There food above are real, but they have been specially treated and coated to preserve it. I think the judge was judging on the presentation of each dish. Some of these were really pretty to look at. The pretty ribbons/fruits are made from candy, and they are standing on chocolate columns.
Recently there is a buzz surrounding a cafe called Bonchaz, and I heard they were at the show. So I made sure to stop by there booth to check what it's all about. The people there says "Bonchaz is oven baked milk bun topped with a crisp golden crust and a hint of fresh ground coffee". To me, this tasted a lot like a Chinese Pineapple bun, except it's softer with more choices for flavor. Since they are freshly baked, it was very yummy, as it was moist and not overly sweet. They were also handing out free coupon for a free bun (no purchase necessary), and since I showed interested in their food, they handed quite a few extra to me.

Since I have extras, I am sharing it with my readers. All you have to do is email me your name and address (will not be using it for any other purpose), and I will send it to you. One per person. I have a total of 8. I will also be handing out a few more on Facebook (click here for detail).

Overall, this was a good event, as you can see and taste some of the new products that are coming out. Also, you can also sample foods from different restaurants, and then judge if it was interesting enough for a real visit. The only things I didn't like about the event was the narrow walk ways and the disorganized lineup at the restaurant booths. The convention center is huge, but they only rented 1/3 of the venue. Also, they were way more people than last year, because the amount of people there on Saturday alone equaled to the amount of people present at last year's show. So my only advice is to go early for next year, because by about 2:00pm, the place was jam packed with line up everywhere and it was very hard to walk.


Anonymous June 9, 2010 at 11:40 PM

The Eat! event was a horrible experience for my family, friends, and co-workers! We we're constantly being bump or yelled at. Every time we heard someone complain about the event and the negative vibe from the place. I wish I had not gone to the Eat! event and my feeling we're the same with everyone I had talk to about the Eat! event. Hopefully they should learn from there mistakes and do a better job next year!

Jenny June 10, 2010 at 8:11 AM

I must agree, this is somewhat how I felt after about 1:30pm. It was way too packed by then. We quickly left at around 2:15, as there were way too many people.

I am not sure if they are going to improve, but I for sure will go early again, because it was spacious and calm in the morning when they first opened.

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