Saturday, May 1, 2010

The One - more like one of many


The One Restaurant

5908 Kingsway, Burnaby

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Food: 2.5
Service: 3
Price: Fair

Since I haven't seen my UBC friends for a LONG time, we decided to have another gathering. Once again, the question was where to eat. We wanted a place that was not expensive, but had good variety. So the choice came down to either The One or Chill, which both are Taiwanese bubble tea shop that serves a variety of food. Since a friend mentioned that the service at Chill was not good, thus we decided to go to The One Restaurant.

Although the restaurant was not hard to find, but parking was. The strip mall was tiny with limited parking spaces. The restaurants was nicely decorated with a theme of black and red. The restaurant gave off a very urban and hip vibe with nice comfortable chair, so it would definitely be a nice place to chill with a couple of friends. It sounds perfect for our gathering so far, doesn't it?
A couple of friends, ordered their bubble tea. However I didn't have the chance to taste it. M mentioned that it was average, nothing really stood out, except for the cute decoration piece they put in other than the straw. Personally, I think it's a bit tacky.
Both JW and C ordered their beef noodle soup with half tendon and half brisket ($8.50). The consensus is that this taste just like the one at Lao Shan Dong. No surprise there, since the owner of The One is actually the same as LSD. I went for their deep fried cutlet, with a side of spicy Thai sauce. It's visually impressive, the size of the cutlet was 2.5x the size of my palm. This dish also included 4 generous portion of side dishes. The minute I saw this dish, I couldn't wait to dig in. However this was where the disappointment sets in. The pork cutlet had rather thick coating, and to me it seemed a bit over fried. The pork almost seemed like it was mushed up first and then reformed. The cutlet had no taste, so you have to dip it in the sauce. The sauce was your typical store bought sweet chili sauce. I thought the side dishes were the best part of the meal, I especially liked the tomato fish and the vermicelli. Although this was a bargain at ~$12, but the quality just not there.
A few people ordered their hot pot. Once again I think it's is visually impressive. The tray it came in was interesting, and the hot pot portion was large. However M wasn't too impressive with her Oden pot, but JL liked his sour cabbage with pork pot.

Overall, I really think this place only wins in presentation for both the food and restaurant. The quality on the other hand is definitely lacking. I was convinced that I won't come back again, until I asked JW for his opinion. He said "I would come back, because their beef noodle is the same as LSD (meaning it's good), but they have far more variety to choose from if I came with other friend who didn't want noodles. Besides they have nice decorations." I think he is right, this place certainly has lots of variety, so maybe I just chose the wrong dish that night. However, there are also tons of other choices in the vicinity, so I am much more inclined to go else where first, such as Pearl House, or other new bubble tea places (there seems to be tons) that has sprung up in the area.


Anonymous May 1, 2010 at 11:44 PM

The restaurant concept is there but they hire students and not chefs to prepare your food... if they hired a real chef and not there untrain cooks ,there food would be award worthy...

KimHo May 2, 2010 at 7:13 AM

For some odd reason, my experience with the beef noodle was different: I found it wasn't as spicy as LSD's. If I would go only for noodles, I would go to LSD only but, if I were to go with somebody else, then, agreed, The One might be a better option than LSD due to variety.

Jenny May 2, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Anon: I agree the restaurant was impressive, as for the chefs, I can't comment.

Kim: I personally did not get the beef noodle, so I have no idea, but both my friends mentioned it taste the same. However I don't think either one had the spicy version though.

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