Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Ma No - Authentic Korean Noodle in Surrey


Hong Ma No Korean Restaurant

10330 152 St, Surrey

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Price: Fair

Once again, it's another friends gathering night, and we were discussing where to eat. So when M mentioned that a friend recommended a new place for
jajang myeon, I was all for it. Especially since this one is very close to where I live.

Hong Ma No is located in a strip mall on 152 Street and 104 Avenue. It's tucked in the end unit, and I probably would have never discovered it if I wasn't looking for it. The minute I walked in, I knew this place has to be decent, because it was packed and 85% of the diners were Korean.
I can't help but compare this place with Ma Sarang, it's essentially the same, but this one is slightly bigger in size. Since I tried the sweet and sour pork at Ma Sarang, we ordered on here as well for comparison. I believe this was slightly more expensive($12?), but the size is about the same. Although the sauce was almost identical, but the meat was different. Ma Sarang used glutinous rice flour to coat the pork which give it's a nice crunchy yet chewy texture, where as this one is just regular flour. The pork was not as tender either, and it was bit over fried. Therefore the sweet and sour pork at Ma Sarang wins hands down.
Next up is their
Jajang myeon, which all 3 of us ordered it ($7.95). The only difference between J, M and mine is that I asked for the spicy version. When the sauce came, it all looked the same, so it's a good thing they specifically brought out mine later and inform us this was the spicy one. I actually like the presentation here, because you can mix it yourself. This allows you control on how much sauce you want on your noodles.
I thought the the sauce was very good, it had tons of mixed seafood, pork and vegetables. The sauce was rather liquidy as well (comparable with Ma Sarang) which indicate they did not use starch to thicken it. Also my spicy sauce was indeed spicy, especially when I ate the left over the next day. The noodle were soft but still had a bite to it. Although all 3 of us thought the noodles were good, but M (who is Korean) preferred the ones at Ma Sarang better. I personally thought they were equally good.

In general, I am very happy that I found this place. Because now I don't have to travel all the way to Coquitlam for good jajang myeon. In terms of which place is the winner, I will have to say it's still Ma Sarang, only because their sweet and sour pork was better. However since Hong Ma No is really close to me, I think I will probably end up going there way more often than Ma Sarang.


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