Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dulcinea - heaven for the chocolate lover


Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe

1118 Denman Street, Vancouver

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Food: 3
Price: Fair

This post is seriously over due. I actually went to Dulcinea Cafe about a month ago right after the mediocre meal at Lime. Dulcinea is conveniently located on Denman right next to Qoola, so it was easy to find, parking on the other hand was the hard part.The minute you walk into the shop, there is a sense of coziness. It has primarily wood structures with soft warm lighting. Luckily the tables on the raised platform were empty, so we got a nice view of the whole restaurant.
I had a hard time deciding which drink I wanted, because there was this tea that caught my eyes, but this is after all a chocolate cafe. The tea I was contemplating is called Picasso ($3.85). It had pear, melon, kiwi, pink rose bud, white chocolate shaving and lemon. The owner took out the tea for me to smell, I was sold immediately. It had a fruity scent with a hint of rose. The tea without honey was a bit sour, I am guessing it's from all the fruit bits, but after adding just a bit of honey, it was delicious.
M ordered Magellan for $4.50 (banana and caramel with whip cream). The chocolate was very creamy and strong with a slight bitter taste. Although it stated there were banana in this, but it's barely detectable. B ordered Dominicano for $4.75 (cloves, vanilla and amaretto essence). I actually really liked this drink, the chocolate taste is not as overpowering as the Magellan. It was slightly sweeter too with a nice vanilla scent.R and K ordered Chocolate Chai and Valencia (cinnamon and sweet chufa nut) for $4.50 respectively. Since I didn't taste either drinks, I will just leave you with the pretty picture to look at. :P

In the end, I liked Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe for 2 reasons. The drinks were mostly good, and the place smelled heavenly. I think what really won me over is the ambiance, it has a relax and cozy feel to it. It's the kind of place where I would go on a cold winter day. With that being said, I hope they have good cold drinks too, as summer is right around the corner.


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