Monday, April 12, 2010

Alpen Club - A German Fest


Vancouver Alpen Club (Deutsches Haus)

4875 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

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Service: 2.5

Price: Fair

Our last blogger meet up was at East is East, and we had a huge turn out, all thanks to Sherman. And this time, all thanks to Kim, we had another huge turn out. Here are all the bloggers in attendance: I'm Only Here for the Food, Food and Tell, Le Petite Foodie, Me Plus Food, Tastes Better with Friends, the Friday Lunch, Omnomics, Sherman's Food Adventures, Vanfoodies, Victoria's Food Secrets, and Yum-o-rama.

After contemplating the menu, the majority of us wanted to try the fest platter ($80 for 4 people), since it pretty much included all the meat items on the menu. However, when the waitress told us the special: any schnitzel with beer for $15, R was tempted. In the end, we still went for the platter.

Although R didn't order the special, he still went for a beer: konig ludwig weissbier (~$5). The beer was actually rather light tasting, with only a slight bitter taste. However I still did not like it, I just don't like beer :P
We were aware of the fact that the Fest Platter takes 30 minutes to prepare, but why the bread took 20 minutes to come is beyond me. Oh I forgot to mention, the beer took that long to come too. They weren't really busy either.
The menu stated that the platter takes 30 minutes to prepare, but in reality it was more like 45 minutes. The platter fest is huge, more than enough for the 4 people it claims to feed. It consisted of 1 eisbein (pork hock), 2 kassler (cured pork loin), 2 bratwurst, 2 leberkäse (meatloaf), 1 schweineschnitzel (pork cutlet) on a bed of sauerkraut. My favorite two was the bratwurst and the schweineschnitzel. The bratwurst had great flavor, and the schnitzel was moist and tender (better than the ones at Old Bavaria Haus). The pork hock was a disappointment for me, it was boiled instead of deep fried. Although the skin/meat was tender, but it lacked that crunch texture which I loved. The cured pork loin was really just ham 'pork chop', and the meatloaf was like bologna.

The fest platter also came with 3 sides: mashed potatoes, dumplings, red cabbage. The red cabbage was soft and good. The mash potato could have been a little more whipped. The biggest disappointment was these dumplings. They were dry and bland. They had they glutinous doughy texture. I think a total of only two people liked this, and R was one of them.
Although majority of the people did order the platter to share, some of us still order their special. Here are the schnitzels, some with a spicy gipsy sauce and other with a mushroom sauce. These are usually $18-19 without the beer.

Service here was slow, our water glass was filled maybe once (she actually asked "who wants water"). So we asked for a pitcher of water the next time around and filled it ourselves. The whole meal lasted for about 2.5 hours, but paying took another 20 minutes.

The fest platter was way too much food for 4 people, but we did pretty good and finished majority of it, but it was some serious meat overload. Although I was generally satisfied with the food, but the service could use some improvement. Despite the poor service, it was still a fun night, because the best part is the company :).


Sherman Chan April 12, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Yah, I think the service there needs some improvement. Very indifferent. I agree with you, the schnitzel is better than the Old Bavaria Haus.

Jenny April 12, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Yeah the schnitzel was one of my favorite for the night. However since I do care about service, and I was expecting better given this is a not a Chinese restaurant, I will have to say I am a little disappointed in general :P

TS of eatingclub vancouver April 13, 2010 at 9:55 PM

So, what you're saying is you want a CRISPY PATA!? ;D

Unknown April 23, 2010 at 12:56 PM

these foods look so delicious. I feelhungry already.

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