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Ma Sarang - Authentic Korean Noodles


Ma Sarang

#240 329 North Road, Coquitlam

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Food: 4
Service: 3
Price: Fair

Awhile back, I wrote about Midam Rice Cake House, and a reader commented on it. I mentioned how much I liked Ddoo Gau Bee, the reader noted there is a far more superior place for Jajang myeon. He/she mentioned that this place is called Mat Sa Rang located next to H-mart in Coquitlam. However I went by twice and failed to see it. (English name for the restaurant is actually Ma Sarang ).
I must be either blind or they changed the signage within the last couple of weeks, because during previous visits, I always thought the restaurant is only an Asian cater company. At last, we finally found it only after R's friend brought R to try it. Anyways, just in case anyone else is having trouble finding it, here is what their banner sign looks like. The side dishes here are the simplest I've ever seen, it just yellow pickled diakon and raw onion. Apparently you are suppose to pour vinegar over the daikon, at least that's what everyone else was doing. The only other place that served such simple side dishes was at Kimbab Cheonguk, but they also had kimchi as well.
R got the Noodle Soup with Mixed Seafood in Hot Sauce for $8.95. The soup was good and flavorful. It wasn't so spicy at the beginning, but after awhile it will catch up to you. They also had abundant of seafood (shrimp, prawn, squid, and scallop) and hearty vegetables. The bowl was huge, I could have easily split this into two smaller portions.
I got the Spicy Seafood Noodle and Black Bean on Noodle combo for $7.95. The Jajang myeon had a rather liquidy sauce compare to others I had before. It had the usual bean paste taste with just the right amount of salt. The noodle was soft, but it had a bite to it. This once again is a really big portion, and a great way to try out two of their noodles. The spicy noodle was essentially the same as R's, with fewer seafood. For example, I did not get any prawns. Honestly, I think they had quite a few "Spicy Seafood Noodles" on the menu that all sounds the same in English, I guess if you really want to know the difference, bring a Korean friend.
After seeing the size of the noodles, we were sure that it was more than enough for a meal. However we were seated near the kitchen, so the server has to walk by us every time and it seems that almost every table ordered these sweet and sour dishes (chicken or pork). So we couldn't fight the temptation and ordered a regular sweet sour pork for $10.45. The first unique feature of the dish is the coating, it was made from glutinous rice flour instead of regular wheat flour, so it had that sticky/chewy texture and the unique white puffy appearance. The pork was juicy and tender, and it wasn't heavily coated either. The sauce had a very distinct sweet/sour taste, with only a hint of saltiness. The main difference between this sweet and sour sauce and Chinese ones is that this one used white vinegar instead.

The restaurant is pretty small, maybe it can accommodate about 30-35 people at a time. Service is average, they take your order and bring you the food. Usually such small restaurants only accept cash, but this place actually accept credit cards, which is definitely a big plus.

I have to thank my reader for suggesting this restaurant to me, because the food was certainly good, with sizable portions. Also judging by the diners and my reader's (Korean) recommendation, I have to say this definitely seems like authentic Korean food. Now I can add a new restaurant to my growing list of good Korean restaurants in the Coquitlam area.


Anonymous June 10, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Just wanted to point out that Mat Sa Rang is not Korean food. But Korean-flavor-influenced Chinese food.

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