Monday, March 29, 2010

Lime - if only the food is as good as it looked


Lime Japanese Cuisine

1130 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

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Food: 2.5

Service: 3.5
Price: Expensive

We wanted to go to Les Faux Bourgeois for my B's belated birthday dinner. Unfortunately, we made the reservation too late, and the only available time was after 10pm, and that for sure won't work. So after searching online, we decided to check out Lime instead.

Lime is a Japanese izakaya style restaurants that serves innovative food with nice presentation. Since it's more upscale than some, thus the price is also a bit higher compare to Gyoza King and such. We arrived on a Friday night, and their drink special was 10oz hot Sake for $7, which is actually quite reasonable. Since I don't really like alcohol, let's just say B enjoyed it.
First up is the Toro stack ($9) which is Albacore tuna belly sashimi served with green onion, seaweed and quail egg. The sauce was ponzu soy sauce. The tuna was fresh, and the taste was refreshing. The quail egg added some richness to this dish after mixing. I think we all unanimously agreed this was the best dish of the night.
Next up was the Chicken Karrage ($8). The chicken was moist with a nice crunchy coating. What I really liked for this dish was the dipping sauce, it was this sweet and spicy chili sauce that was actually served warm. This combination really worked for me.
The presentation of the Panko Portabella ($9) was certainly nice. The first thing we were wondering was "is there anything underneath in the bamboo container?", and the answer is "no". The bamboo container was purely for decorations. The problem with this dish was that it was sweet to a point I thought it tasted more like dessert. I couldn't detect any salt at all. If it wasn't for the vegetable and panko crumbs, I would really thought this was a dessert.

We also got 2 orders of the Salmon sashimi for $14. It was fresh, but not the freshest I've ever had.

We got a order of stuff crab leg ($9). It was described as grilled enoki mushroom and edamame on 3 legs topped with sea urchin sauce and tobiko. Now the dish itself was not bad, but the edamame was nowhere in sight. When we asked our server, she went back to the kitchen to ask and came back with this answer "I think it's mixed in with the sauce". Somehow none of us believed her, because there were no edamame taste or texture in that sauce. I think they really just forgot.
The Salmon Croquette ($8) was not too impressive either. The filling was very mushy, I could hardly tell apart the salmon and the mash potato. The top piece is grapefruit with sour cream, I really didn't think the grapefruit contributed anything to this dish, other than to make it pleasing to the eyes with the added color.
The Nasu Scallop was quite expensive($12), you get 4 piece chopped scallop/tobiko wrapped in egg plant shell on a bed of plum salsa. The biggest problem I had with this dish is the bitter aftertaste. I am unsure where it came from, but I was not the only one who could taste it.
We got a few rolls to try: lobster($15), anago($10) and spicy tuna($6). Instead of tell you how the lobster roll taste, here is what happened:

R: So which one is the Lobster Roll
Me: Oh, the one with the cucumber as warp

R: Oh really? I thought it was just good imitation crab meat.

There you have it, the lobster was mistaken for imitation crab meat (LOL). The Anago roll (BBQ Eel in egg wrap with tobiko was too mushy, I couldn't really distinguish the eel from the rice. But I gotta give it to them, the presentation is very nice, the tobiko on top looked like crystals, and the egg wrap was very thin and even.
I think the most worthy thing on the menu is this Sushi Sashimi plate for $18. You get a wide variety of sushi, and they are all decent, but really nothing stood out for me either. Since it was not memorable at all, I think I would rather spend the $18 else where for some good but not so nicely presented sushi.

The service was good. Since they found out we were celebrating our friend's birthday, they gave him a shot of Tequila.

Overall, we all thought the food here was mediocre, but the presentation was very nice. However I value taste more than presentation, needless to say I don't think I will come back.


Anonymous March 31, 2010 at 2:56 PM

Lovely presentation for the food. Commercial Drive's gentrification is sad to see.

m April 4, 2010 at 1:02 PM

nono she didn't charge us. That was Ryan's drink that he started with :) That was the confusion cuz none of us knew he had a vodka. BL got a tequila shot.

Jenny April 4, 2010 at 4:29 PM

Oh right, Ooops.. okay, time to correct that :)

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