Friday, March 12, 2010

La Belle Patate - real Canadian food :)


La Belle Patate

1215 Davie Street, Vancouver
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Food: 4.5
Price: Fair

Sometime, I think it's a sin to eat poutine, because of serious fat/cholesterol overload. However, this day was certainly an exception, because we ate it for national pride (oh the excuses just to eat unhealthy good food hehe). On Feb. 28th, 13.3 million people tuned in to watch the ultimate hockey game of Canada vs. USA for the Olympic gold. That day has also set a record, it's officially the most-watched sports program on record in Canadian television history. I am also 1 in that 13.3 million who cut my Seattle trip short, just so I can make it back for this game. Team Canada certainly did not disappoint, and we got our GOLD!! :D

In order to celebrate this historical moment, R and I decided to get some real Canadian food. Poutine actually originated in Quebec, so not only are we celebrating our Hockey Gold, we are also celebrating our first Gold by Alexandre Bilodeau from Quebec.
As the sign said they had over 30 different poutines, but I had to get an original to see it in its simplest state. I got a small for $5.50. As you can see they are definitely not stingy, they loaded the fries with cheese curds and gravy. The first bite was heavenly, as the fries were still crispy (skin on), the gravy just right with a mouthful of chewy cheese. The only thing is that you got to eat it fast if you want the fries to stay crispy, because the fries soaked up the massive amount of gravy real fast. In the end, the poutine was more than satisfying, because it was quality ingredient with a great taste.
We also got a Breakfast poutine which consisted of egg, bacon and onion. This one was equally good, the bacon was crispy and the scrambled egg was cooked to the right consistency. The fact they added onion made me felt better about eating such unhealthy food LOL. R gave this one two thumbs up, because he is a egg lover. Almost all the specialty poutines only have 2 sizes: medium and large. This is a medium for $10. Although it's slightly higher priced, but it was a really big portion, I don't think I can finish one by myself. After this mid afternoon lunch, R and I both skipped dinner.

The poutine at La Belle Patate was great. You get loads of quality cheese curd and tons of gravy along with crispy fries. Since they are so generous with the gravy, I don't recommend getting take out, because you will be eating soggy fries if you live more than 5 min. away from this restaurant. Okay, now that I have sinned, I would like to do it again ;), so let's cheer on for Canadian athletes in the Paralympic games.


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