Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thomas Haas - Another winner on my list !


Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie
2539 W Broadway, Vancouver

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Food: 4

Price: Fair

People say women have a separate stomach just for desserts, and I say "you got that right, there is always room for desserts". After reading numerous reviews from fellow bloggers (Chow Times, Kim, Sherman , Mijune), Thomas Haas had definitely made it on to my wishlist. Since I had to go to Kitsilano during a weekday, I decided I must stop by to see what's all the buzz about. So after battling some rush hour traffic, I finally made it before it closed (5:30pm).

This dessert shop is located near the intersection of Trafalgar and Broadway. As soon as you walk in, your eyes will be drawn to the display case where there are rolls after rolls of chocolates, and desserts. At this point, I am thinking, how on earth am I going to decide.
The first thing I got was their chocolate ($1.05/pc), which is what they are famous for. I picked the French Blue Earl Gray, Aztec and Passion Fruit Vanilla Truffle. The Earl Grey chocolate had a very distinct tea flavor mixed with a hint of orange zest in a bitter dark chocolate ganache. The chocolate was smooth and creamy and thick. The Aztec was certainly interesting, as it contained ancho, arbol, habanero chilies with a hint of cinnamon. After the initial bite, I was thinking where is the heat, but as you swallow, that's when you really feel the spiciness. I would not eat this by choice, but it was really interesting to try as this piece certainly had bold flavors. The passion fruit vanilla truffle was made with a white chocolate ganache blended with fresh passion fruit, vanilla beans and a splash of vodka. I could detect both the vanilla and passion fruit, but really there were zero vodka taste. Since I prefer white chocolate, I have to say this one was my favorite.
For the desserts ($5.25/each), I had to order a cheesecake, as they are my favorite dessert. I chose the Stilton Cheesecake with Rhubarb Compote. This cheesecake is made with both regular cream cheese and Stilton cheese. Stilton cheese is protected by law, therefore it can only be produced in the three Counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire in Great Britain. It is suppose to have a characteristic strong smell, but I really couldn't detect any special smell. It also tasted like regular cheesecake as well, but not to say it wasn't good. The cheesecake was creamy, smooth and rich. It was also not overly sweet either. I also liked the caramelized top and as well as the short bread crust. However I am definitely not a fan of the rhubarb compote, it was extremely sour with a highly acidic taste.
I also wanted to try one of their chocolate based dessert, and ended up with Milk Chocolate Passion fruit (it was recommended to me). The outer chocolate shell was very interesting to say the least. I thought it was hard chocolate cover, but it was this super soft, almost liquidity cream mousse. The passion fruit center was creamy and tart, it was a great balance to the sweet milk chocolate. This cake also had a crunch to it, as they had hazelnut wafer as one of the layers. This also added another dimension to the texture, as it was super cream, smooth, spongy (almond sponge cake layer) and crunchy at the same time.
To end this dessert fest, I also bought some macaroons. You can either pick your own($1.75 each) or get a sampler pack of 4 for $5.95. The sample pack consisted of cassis, raspberry, caramel, and coffee. I find their macaroons are generally too sweet and lacked in distinctive flavor, so I think I will skip these the next time I go. Beside it's certainly was not cheap, for that price I would much prefer another dessert.
They also had various gorgeous displays around the restaurant. I especially love the artistic flower displays made out of chocolate, that goes to show that Thomas Haas certainly got some skills. The shop was cozy, but small, as most people probably get take out. Although I didn't order any drinks, but I saw a few beautiful latte art. Just for that, I will definitely come back to try it.

I forked over about $22 for the chocolates/desserts, but I guess given the quality, it's all worth while. Besides I had all the above desserts to go, and ate them 3 hours later, so it might have been even better had I ate it fresh. Therefore I will definitely put Thomas Haas on my "delicious dessert list". On that list is also Ganache Patisserie and Kreation Artisan Cake.


KimHo February 19, 2010 at 3:27 PM

And you did not get the croissant????? Heresy!!! :P

Jenny February 19, 2010 at 3:51 PM

I wanted to, but I already bought so much, besides since I didn't get the croissant, that mean I will be back there soon :)

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