Friday, February 12, 2010

Scoop! - good frozen yogurt



2050 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Price: Fair

When we were dining at Joe's Grill, we noticed a frozen yogurt shop across the street. Since I love frozen yogurt, we decide to check it out. So far, my favorite frozen yogurt is TCBY.

The way Scoop! promote their topping is different from other frozen yogurt shop, they sell it by weight, kinda like the salad bars in the food court. I quite like this idea, as you can add an unlimited number of toppings, but the cost could quickly add up. So basically they weigh the frozen yogurt with the cup, and then hand it to you, and you can pick out what you want on top and then they re-weigh it. They didn't only have solid topping, they also had liquid ones as well, it ranged from fruity sauce to other sweet syrup (chocolate, caramel, condense milk etc).Here are some information about their yogurt that they posted on the walls. Their yogurt contains 1,000,000 probiotic bacteria per gram and they also contain prebiotic fibers. They yogurt is 112 calories per 100g, which I guess is better than ice cream, but not by much. I guess the whole point of eating frozen yogurt instead of low fat ice cream is not for it's low calories, but more for health benefit.The had 3 choices when it comes to the frozen yogurt: original, raspberry and green tea. We went with the original. Their frozen yogurt was creamy with that real sour yogurt taste. For my yogurt, I chose watermelon, mango, kiwi and mochi as toppings and then finished off with a quirt of strawberry and blueberry sauce each. The fruits were fresh and it was the perfect compliment to the yogurt. However the mango was too sour. The mochi was interesting, but really did not work with the yogurt. Taking a bite with both the yogurt and mochi was like eating 2 separate things. Both the taste and texture are extremely different. Since we didn't load our yogurt with various topping, so it came to be about $5 for our bowl.
Scoop! would also be a nice place to hang out with friends, because they had various board games and also a foosball table locate near the back of the restaurant. If I only had more time, I would have stay to play a few of the board games.

Overall, I liked their frozen yogurt, but it sure melt fast. I also liked the fact you can add topping by yourself, thus able to control the amount and variety. Therefore I will definitely come back for more, plus I haven't even played any of their board games yet. :P


Ricky February 12, 2010 at 3:48 PM

The shop's structure is cute too. The ceiling is soo low at the back, it's around 6 feet max??

Actually, I have a concern about the fruit. Did Scoop have any cooling system for their fresh fruit on the counter?? Or just place on a metal bowl?? ><....

Anonymous February 14, 2010 at 9:31 PM

they actually have a cooling system underneath the fruit bowls! if u peep the bottom of the bowl, it's like an open vented refrigerator! pretty neat design if you ask me

Jenny February 17, 2010 at 4:21 PM

Thanks for the info, it certainly is great to know that they have a refrigeration system :)

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