Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turkey Showdown at the Parks - Disney vs Universal


There are just way too many theme parks in Orlando, and I had the privilege to visited 2 of them. One is Island of Adventure at Universal Studio, and the other one is Disney World.
Universal Island of Adventure was actually quite fun, they do have several very thrilling rides, such as The Hulk and the Dueling Dragon Roller Coaster. The park is divided into several sections, and each section has it own theme and rides. The one piece of exciting news to all you Harry Potter fans is that we saw a 3/4 finished Hogwartz Castle, and this new theme park is scheduled to open sometime this year.

Disney World on the other hand is more for sight seeing, as everything is a beautiful sight. Everything from a castle to a ride has very detailed construction. You will never get bored waiting in line for any ride, because even the lineup area had tons of details to be admired. We stayed to watch the Cinderella Castle firework at night, it was spectacular. After the show, they even made fake snow on Main Street, which made the whole Christmas theme more prominent.

Although theme parks are always fun, but finding something cheap to eat is not. Because almost everything is way over priced, but once in a blue moon you would find something worthy to spent your hard earn money on and that is the Turkey Leg.

This would the turkey leg we had at Universal:Like: huge, has a hickory smoked flavor, cheaper than Disney ($6.99?)
Dislike: Way TOO salty, meat was dry in certain areas (so maybe not that fresh), skin was tough to chew

This single turkey leg was shared among four people, and it was quite filling. But since it was so salty, we felt that if there were bread to go along with this, it would have been better.

This would be the turkey leg at Disney World:
Like: Huge, very juicy, perfect saltiness, fresh and hot
Dislike: higher price than Universal ($8 something)This was just as good as I remembered it from 8 years ago. Everything except the price changed, it was only $5 back then. The meat was juicy, so juicy that it was dripping fat at the bottom. It was also not salty, therefore I could have eaten a whole leg by myself, but this particular one was share with R. The other thing that Disney wins over Universal is that, they actually have a stand where they pretty much just sell the turkey leg, where as the one at Universal was more like a cart that sold a bit of everything. Since this stand had a constant line up, that mean our turkey is always fresh and hot.

Despite the fact that the Disney World turkey leg was higher priced, but for the quality you get, it's worth every penny. I don't know if the one we got at Universal was a indication of all the Turkey leg they sell or were we just unlucky. Either way, since I been to Disney World twice and both time I am impressed, I'd say definitely try the Turkey Leg at Disney World.


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