Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Lobster - pretty good for a chain restaurant


Red Lobster

5936 International Dr, Orlando

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Food: 4
Service: 3.5

Price: Fair for the portion

I usually stay away from chain restaurants like the plague, as I think they are just carbon copies of one another. However we have no Red Lobster in Vancouver and I heard some good comments in regard to their seafood. Since we were staying really close by, I figure it doesn't hurt to try it out, and it's convenient.First came the complimentary bread, well in this case it is actually garlic cheese biscuit. It came still hot in its little basket, as soon as I took one out, there was this light garlic aroma. The biscuit was hard on the outside, but buttery soft with pockets of garlic butter and cheese bits. In a nutshell, these are one of the best biscuit I've tried so far. I haven't even eaten anything that I actually ordered, and I am already impressed.Since we know that American portion could be significant bigger than Canadian portion, we decided to get an appetizer and an entree to share. So we started the meal with Lobster, Artichoke and Seafood Dip. The dip was creamy and very cheesy with some seafood bits mixed in. There were only a few pieces of lobster present, but that is expected, after all this is just an appetizer dish for $8.75. The dip was actually very good, it had a strong mixture of both seafood and cheese flavor. The chips were also pretty good, it tasted fresh.We ordered their 2 items signature combo for $18.50. We chose the bacon wrapped scallop with bourbon peach BBQ sauce and garlic cream shrimp. This combo also include rice, some onion rings and 2 sides, which we chose broccoli (came in a separate dish) and baked potato. The shrimps were tender, and the garlic cream sauce was delicious over rice. But the real highlight of this meal was the bacon wrapped scallop. The scallop were fresh, cooked just right, so that it remained soft but cooked. The crispy bacon was a great contrast to the soft scallop. What really made the skewer stand out has gotta be their bourbon peach BBQ sauce, its saltiness was balanced out nicely by the distinct flavor of sweet peach.These dishes were what our friends had. Their appetizer was baked lobster stuffed baby portobello mushroom. For the entree, they chose to have 3 items instead. The 3 item combo is priced at approximately $22, but they decide to upgrade to lobster tail for an additional $6??.

Overall, I am impressed with the food at Red Lobster. Although it's a chain restaurant, I think I will definitely be back. However since there are none in Vancouver, I guess the next time I am craving good seafood, I will just have to drive down to the States.


Unknown January 19, 2010 at 4:47 PM

i <3 red lobster... ;)

Jenny January 26, 2010 at 5:22 PM

so do I now... hehe

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