Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bing Sheng - Good Chinese Set Meal


Bing Sheng

1800 Renfrew Street, Vancouver

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Food: 4
Service: 3

Price: Fair, but our meal was on the expensive side

I've been blogging about food I had on my trip for awhile now, time to change it up and bring it back to the home town. So about a week ago, my family and I went with another family to a local Chinese restaurant. I haven't been to one for a long time. Although Bing Sheng do serve dim sum, we went for the regular menu. We had a set meal for 6 for $245, but since there were only 5 of us, they agree to only charge us as 5 ppl instead.

This was a complimentary side dish that was served first. The potato slices were blanched and then mixed with some sesame oil, salt and a bit of chili powder. I thought it was okay, but my dad loved it.
The first plate is called Bing Sheng combo plate consisting of chicken with jelly fish, beef shank slice and crispy mushroom wrap. The first two are cold appetizers while the mushroom wrap is pipping hot. I love the crispy wrap and the gooey mushroom middle, the only problem was that it was very hard to pick it up, as the mushroom middle keep sliding out. The chicken with jelly fish was okay, a little bit on the bland side. The beef shank was chewy with hint of sweetness.
Next up is the Shark fin soup. It was served with a side of vinegar and bean sprout mixed with yellow chives. The truth is I prefer fake shark fin more than the real one, which just means I like cellophane noodles. This one was pretty tasty, the soup was smooth and hot with a bit of sourness due to the addition of vinegar.
Although I am not a big fan abalone, this one was actually good. It was chewy but not to a point of being rubbery. The sauce was the highlight for me, you can taste a strong flavor of oyster sauce. Although it was a bit too salty, but it was balanced out nicely by bland veggies underneath.
This would be their Salt Chicken served cold. The skin was really quite salty, but the meat was was rather bland. This was saved by their green onion and ginger dip, which was flavored enough to enhance the moist chicken meat.
Next up is the Egg white scallop fried rice. The rice was moist but not oily. In fact this is one of the least oily fried rice I've seen for awhile now. Since they only fried it with egg white, it's also quite healthy. The only downfall is their scallop, I thought it tasted a bit fishy. However this was R's favorite dish that day.
When this steam fish came, my first thought was 'the fish looks really thin'. However once we dug in, we realized that there was a steam egg layer right below the fish, which means a good portion of the fish is actually hidden within the steam egg. The steam egg was perfect. There were no air bubbles, no uneven mixture and very smooth. The sauce from the fish was also very good. The fish itself is a bit over steamed, as it tasted kinda rubbery, but the egg more than made up for it.
The complimentary desserts. The white one is the red bean mochi bun with coconut shaving. As I am not a fan of coconut shaving or red bean, I didn't really like it. The other dessert looked like water chestnut jello, but it turned out to be jello made mainly from Sweet Osmanthus flower. The sweetness was just right (quite light) with a strong Sweet Osmanthus aroma which I love. It was the perfect dessert for a heavy meal.

Their service was actually not bad consider how busy they were at the time. They filled our tea pot quite frequently, and they took away the empty dishes most of the time without asking. However the biggest problem with Chinese restaurants is that they all seem to forget how to smile. All I can say is, service here is typical, but slightly better as they do keep an eye out for empty dishes and tea pots.

Overall, we thought the meal was delicious and nicely excuted. The portion size was quite large, so it's definitely filling. Since I am impressed with their regular menu, that just makes me want to go back sooner to try their dim sum. I just hope it's equally as good as their regular menu.


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