Monday, December 7, 2009

Skewers Mediterranean Grill - perfect before movie or bowling


Skewers Mediterranean Grill

#8-228 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam

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Food: 3.5
Service: 3

Price: Fair

Before Skewers came along, the only Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in the area is Kefi, which was on the expensive side for dinner. Skewers on the other hand is cheaper and more conveniently located, because it's actually in the same plaza as the new Zone Bowling center next to Silvercity Coquitlam.

Once again it's a rainy weekend, so we decided to go watch 2012. As we did not want to travel far for dinner, and I already tried I Love Sushi, so Skewers it is. The restaurant has simple decorations, and painted in a rich and warm color. They also have a flat screen mounted on the wall for the sports fan. However, I think it's mounted a little too high, I had to really look up to see the screen, which could cause some neck pain (but then again, I sat at a table close to the TV though).

Our first plate was called Chicken Skeweee, it's a skewer of lemon garlic olive oil marinated chicken breast, roasted potato and season vegetables on a bed of rice. The chicken was well marinated, but a bit dry. However that problem was saved by the tzatziki sauce, which was creamy but refreshing. The roast potato was excellent, it was soft and flavor. The seasonal vegetables are rather bland compare to the potato. The rice was disappointing, mainly because it's unevenly heated. Some portions were warm while others are cold. This plate was $14. What I ordered was a small Pesto Shrimp Pizza for $12. However, after I order,R told me the entrance area to this restaurant from the bowling alley side is actually a pizza joint. So basically it's 2 restaurant in one, the front offers dine in menu, while the back only sells take out pizza. After hearing this, I was a bit worried that my pizza would be sloppy and plain. However that was not the case, it came pipping hot with fresh ingredients and oodles of cheese. The crust was crunch, just the way I like it. The pizza itself was very tasty, I specially liked the pesto sauce with shrimp combination. The only small downside was that the feta cheese on top made the pizza a bit too salty. Overall, I really liked my entree and would recommend. Our friends ordered Wings. They chose a combination of honey garlic, hot and teriyaki. The consensus was that the honey garlic sauce tasted exactly like the ones they sell at Costco, and the teriyaki was the best flavor out of the 3. This plate of wings was $8, not bad for a good size appetizer.This is Lamb Skewer plate for $16, all the souvlaki dishes all have the same side. Once again, the rice is unevenly heated. The lamb was good, it was tender and well infused with flavors. If only they would improve the rice and seasonal vegetables.

Service here is okay, not bad, but nothing stood out either. However it took some time before the food came out, especially my pizza. Actually, I am glad it took awhile, since it probably means they prepared and baked it fresh.

Overall, we were satisfied with our meal at Skewers. The food was good, service is acceptable, and it's cheaper than Kefi. I have to say Kefi now has some tough competition.

PS: Thanks to Amy for lending me her camera to take the above photos :)


Tia January 31, 2010 at 10:49 PM

ooh, right in my own backyard. i'll have to try this place. i had no idea it even existed.

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