Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poco Ocean - Blogger Dinner #3


Poco Ocean Restaurant

2755 Lougheed Hwy, Port Coquitlam

Food: 4
Service: 3
Price: more expensive than your average Chinese restaurant, but worth it.

Awhile back, I posted about a dining experience at Poco Ocean, and Kim from I m Only Here for the Food and Sherman from Sherman's Food Adventure were both interested in going there. So they hinted that I should organize the next blogger dinner. Since Kim has graciously planned the previous two, so I took on the responsibility of planning this one.

I tried my best, but in the end only Kim, Sherman, and Anita was able to make it. However I did plan it on Black Friday. We had reservation for 7pm, but R and I arrived at around 6:45, the place looked half empty. I was starting to worry if this place has gone downhill, since it was a weekend and nobody is coming in. But right about 7:15, the whole restaurant is fully packed.

I was given the daunting task of ordering, because all their specialty dishes are written on the white board in Chinese, and R and I are the only ones that can read it. I asked what they would like to eat, but the response I got was "we will eat whatever you order". So here goes...
First up is something I didn't have to order; the complimentary soup. It's a pork bone, soy bean soup. It was rich without being oily. However I did not particularly care for the beans, as I dislike beans in general.
So here is the first dish that came, the honey garlic chicken wings. They forgot this order the last time I was here, but good thing they remembered it this time. The wings seems to be deep fried and then basted in the honey garlic sauce with bits of fresh garlic . It was juicy in the middle, but crunchy on the outside. To sum it up, it was good! This also happens to the be cheapest thing on the menu ($8.50).The next dish was a favorite, and it's the braised pork hock. It was sinfully good. The meat is tender and moist, the best part is simply the skin/fat as it just melt in your mouth. This was also the most expensive dish we ordered ($21.50), but worth every penny if you ask me.
The next dish is the teppan scallop with tofu ($13.50). I ordered this the last time I went, and it became my favorite dish. However this time I am disappointed, don't get me wrong, the deep fried tofu was excellent, but the scallop was just not fresh, it has a extremely strong fishy taste. However the last time I ordered this, I didn't have a problem with it.

Another favorite of the night is the three cup chicken ($13.50). The chicken was tender, juicy and best of all mostly de-boned. I love distinct flavor of basil with garlic in this dish. This definitely deserves a recommendation, I can almost guarantee you will like it.
After all that meat, I had to order a vegetable dish . I end up choosing stir fried green beans with mushroom($10). Although I was not particularly fond of the taste, but it was unique in a sense because they added pickled snow cabbage. It was a taste that I've haven't encounter else where. I think the taste of this dish really depends on personal preference, I didn't love it, because I don't really like pickled snow cabbage.
The last dish of the night is the green onion, garlic and ginger sole fillet hot pot ($16.50). The fillet was lightly battered but well infused with the ginger/garlic/green onion flavor. It seem like tofu is a really popular side they like to add to dishes, because this dish also have deep fried tofu which are just as soft as the ones in the teppan dish.
We had so much fun talking about 'interesting' topics and the food, we were actually the last table in the restaurant. Since we were the only ones left, and Kim asked me to ask if we could meet the chef. You see, there were quite a few cartoon caricatures (see here) of the chef hanging on the wall, and I told them it's a really good representation (don't you think so?). The chef did came out to meet and chat with us. From talking to him, we realized he is a very genuine person who really appreciate seeing people enjoying the food he cooked.

Overall, it's another great meal at Poco Ocean. So if you don't mind driving out to enjoy a good meal, definitely give Poco Ocean a try.

Sherman's POV
Kim's POV
Anita's POV


KimHo December 10, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Although I am sure I was more than pushy on asking for Poco Ocean, I must thank you for organizing this (not to mention do all the ordering!)! :)

Jenny December 10, 2009 at 4:06 PM

haha I enjoyed the company as much as I enjoy the food, so it's all good. I can't wait for the next meet up (look over at Sherman) :)

Sherman Chan December 11, 2009 at 1:33 AM

Thanks for organizing and ordering! Hehe... Yes, I've been avoiding responsibility in organizing... Next month it is!

Mike December 30, 2009 at 3:04 PM

Poco ocean is one of my favorite cantonese restaurants

Jenny December 30, 2009 at 4:41 PM

It is one of mine too :)

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